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£4.3m EAFRD grant funding available

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In order to develop and grow your business it is important to keep investing.  This, however can be expensive, and seem even more so in times of financial uncertainty or when cash is not freely available.

Grant support can help you add to your bottom line, and fortunately there are a number of financial incentives and schemes designed to help increase the income generated by your business

Funding is currently available to support projects throughout rural Cumbria.  The funding can support a wide range of activities including:

  • Latest farm technologies and business practices to improve farm profitability and sustainability.
  • Equipment and machinery to improve animal health and welfare.
  • Processing, marketing and /or development of agricultural products.
  • Farm diversifications including adding value to farm produce and diversification into non-farming activity.
  • Small scale tourism projects, such as new and existing visitor attractions, accommodation and activities.
  • Forestry machinery and equipment and projects which add value to forestry products.

Grants are available for up to £250k (minimum £35k) and usually for every £30k of grant funding secured, a new job would be expected to be created.

Details of the funding available are on the following websites: and

Our specialist agricultural team have established working relationships with many different grant awarding bodies such as Defra, LEADER and SEERAD, and have a successful track record of securing applications.

We are able to cut through the red tape and offer advice at every stage of the application process from the initial discussion of ideas and planning, through to project management and administration of claims.  We have successfully secured large amounts of grant funding for our clients across a range of projects.

If you would like to apply for a grant or learn more about the grant funding opportunities available call Tom on 01228 711888 or email

Posted: March 27th, 2017

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