A Right Royal Day Out
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A Right Royal Day Out

On Tuesday 15 June David and myself had great pleasure in attending Royal Ascot’s opening day.

We had been invited as guests and although we were very excited we were also a bit nervous as we had never been before.

We stayed in Old Windsor and our host took us by taxi to Ascot, with a guided tour along the way and our driver pointing out various things one of them being Elton John’s home.

We arrived at Ascot about 11.30 before it really started to fill up. After finally making it up to our hospitality box past numerous security, we were greeted by Erik and Andrew our waiters for the day. We were the first four to arrive in our box which was great as when everyone arrived we got the chance to be introduced to some really interesting people.

In total there were about fourteen people in our box with various people popping in and out during the day. After having a few glasses of champagne to get everyone going, we were served numerous dishes of the most delicious food. There was so much to choose from, no sooner was a plate emptied another one was put in its place. The whole afternoon we did not need to ask for a drink; as soon as Erik or Paul could see our glasses going down they were there topping them up. Towards the end of the day as if we had not had enough food, sandwiches of every variety possible were served.

Not forgetting of course the reason why we were there, Royal Ascot opening day. After watching the queen arrive in her carriage we had a flutter on the races. We had got some tips off a top tipster in our office; we were lucky on two races but lost on the other four. One gentleman in our box won all six races so he was well up on the day. We also had a little sweep stake on what colour the queen would be wearing, the same man got half of that (think he had some inside info).

We also had a walk around Ascot, soaking up the atmosphere and taking in all the lovely outfits and looking at some of the amazing head gear that was on display, and seeing lots of famous people. We also had the pleasure of Eddie Jordan joining us in our box for a short spell.

To top off our day, we all went out into the sunshine and joined hundreds if not thousands around the bandstand to sing some traditional songs: My Old Man, Rule Britannia, Daisy and The National Anthem to name a few. Hopefully we were not caught on camera because after all our hospitality for the day we did believe we were the best singers there.

All in all we had an absolutely fantastic day and thoroughly enjoyed the experience, and would recommend it to anyone if you ever got the chance to go.

Alison Allen

Posted: June 21st, 2010

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