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Tax credits and benefits (Universal Credits)

green tick box More support announced for claimants of Universal Credit.


No major announcements came with regards to tax credits but more support is offered for new claimants of Universal Credit:

  • From January 2018 – anyone with an entitlement to Universal Credit will be able to access up to one month’s entitlement within the first five days.
  • From February 2018 – the seven day waiting period will be removed and the claim will start from the first day the application is made.
  • From April 2018 – those already claiming Housing Benefit will continue to receive their award for the first two weeks of their Universal Credit claim.
  • The government will make it easier for claimants to have the housing element of their award paid directly to their landlord.

If you have any queries regarding your tax credit or Universal Credit claim please contact one of our Tax Specialists on 01228 711888.