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Tax credits and benefits (Universal Credits)

It was announced that the work allowance for Universal Credit (UC) claimants will increase by £1,000 from April 2019.


Further support is to be offered for new claimants of UC:

  • From July 2020 – the additional payments provided to Housing Benefit claimants to provide support for the first 2 weeks in UC will be extended to include claimants of the income-related element of Jobseeker’s and Employment and Support Allowance and Income Support.


  • From July 2019 – the 12-month grace period for self-employed people will be extended to all gainfully self-employed people, giving them time to grow their businesses to a successful level.


  • From October 2019 – the maximum rate which deductions can be made from UC awards will reduce from 40% to 30% of the standard allowance.


  • From October 2021 – the period over which advances can be recovered will increase from 12 to 16 months.


If you have any queries regarding your Tax Credit or Universal Credit claim please contact one of our Tax Specialists on 01228 711888.