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Business valuations

All businesses have two common goals, success and profit; if your business is not making you money then steps must be taken.  Your accounts will demonstrate how successful a business is, but a formal valuation should be carried out to assess its actual value.

The main reason for valuing a business is often for a potential sale or for insurance purposes but you may need a business valuation for other reasons such as shareholder disputes, divorce proceedings and matrimonial disputes or company buy back of shares.  You may also need to know the value of shares for tax purposes on gifts or sale of shares or the death of a shareholder.

There are a number of methods to value a private company and other factors must also be considered, for example:

  • recurring income in a business
  • growth potential of the business
  • external factors, including items specific to that industry
  • the value of goodwill in the business
  • the value of current contracts
  • the reason for the valuation

Our team are here to offer you a true valuation of your business, whatever the reason, and we will review current and historic financial data and consider the current structure and factors impacting on the business.  Our valuation will be presented to you in a report describing the work carried out, the basis for the valuation and the results, so you have everything you need in one place.

If you would like to discuss the value of your business then please contact us.