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From time to time your business may need to make redundancies.  As an employer you need to be aware that there are certain legal obligations and procedures you need to follow.  If you don’t follow these procedures, you open yourself up to the risk of legal action being taken against you.

Firstly, you must establish whether there is a genuine redundancy situation.  This falls into three categories which are:

  • closure of the business;
  • closure of the place of business where the employee was employed;
  • or a reduced requirement for employees to carry out work of a particular kind.

Secondly you need to follow a fair redundancy process.  For a process to be fair and legal you need to consider consultation with employees, pool for selection, selection criteria, alternative employment and an appeal procedure.

We can help you follow a fair redundancy procedure and keep the difficulties to a minimum.

If you have to consider redundancies, contact our team for expert advice.