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Probate and estate administration

Being appointed as an executor of a Will can be a daunting and stressful experience.  When you have lost someone close to you, a mountain of paperwork is the last thing that you want to have to think about.

In addition to this, many of those who are named as executors in a Will are not aware of the legal requirements placed on them in administering the estate, including matters such as filing a tax return and preparing estate accounts.

This is where our team of specialists at David Allen will help.

Our team, which is headed up by Trudi Dickinson, will help you with this important role by undertaking all of the administration of the estate, including completing all necessary paperwork, obtaining the grant of probate, calculating any Inheritance Tax due, arranging for any other expenses to be settled and collecting in and distributing the assets.  We will also ensure that the wishes of the deceased are put in place as soon as possible.

For more information please contact Trudi Dickinson.