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Lasting power of attorney

When you’re busy and totally consumed by the job in hand, you may rarely stop to contemplate what could happen if you were rendered incapable.

It might be extreme circumstances of physical or mental incapacity, or the result of something as mundane as a cancelled flight which leaves you stranded with no means of getting back home.  In such cases, who could you rely on to make key strategic decisions in your absence?  Decisions that could affect the future success and security of your company, your employees, and ultimately… your family.

Family members or key employees might provide a short-term solution, but should your incapacity continue for any length of time, you need to protect yourself by ensuring you have a representative in place who has your best interests at heart and the authority to take action on your behalf.

The team at David Allen can help you complete the necessary paperwork and follow the correct procedures to register your lasting power of attorney with The Office of the Public Guardian.

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