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Will service

It is very likely that the subject of death is not something you care to dwell on.  For this reason alone, nearly two-thirds of us in the UK put off the apparently onerous task of writing a Will.

While the prospect of clearly documenting your wishes may not be very inviting, it does prevent much greater upset and distress for your loved ones in the future.

Sadness and grief are inevitable when someone dies, but leaving behind a trail of trauma, unforeseen expense and even family feuds can be avoided if you provide clear and specific instructions to your successors by writing a Will.

A Will is a very important document and putting one in place now will give you the security and peace of mind to focus on other things. The earlier you take action, the greater your chance of taking full advantage of the tax opportunities available, thereby maximising the amount that goes to your beneficiaries.

We will guide you through the Will making process, assess your Inheritance Tax liability and help you plan efficiently for the future.

Trudi Dickinson, our qualified Will Writer, will meet with you to review and update your current Will or write a new one for you.  Contact her to arrange your appointment.