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Dairy performance management

Given the current instability in prices and fluctuating margins, it has never been more important to understand where potential improvements or efficiencies can be made to your dairy business.  Ensuring your business is sustainable and profitable requires effective management of all resources available, both physical and financial.

Benchmarking your farm business against fellow farmers is one way to learn where you could make improvements and increase competitive advantage as well as margins.

Our consultants complete annual benchmarking exercises using farm accounts data.  Our team will work with you to address questions such as:

  • what is your net margin per litre of milk?
  • are there any changes you could make to the way you manage your enterprise that could increase your margin?

Our expert team can help you answer these questions and carry out a review by producing comprehensive reports on the physical and financial performance of your business.  This will benefit you by:

  • increasing efficiencies and margins
  • improving performance
  • improving business management
  • managing targets
  • identifying the business’ aims and objectives
  • utilising time more efficiently

Dairy hygiene

We will assist and advise on all aspects of animal welfare and hygiene to help improve the quality of your end product.  For example, do you have a high somatic cell count or bactoscan?  Our consultants will provide you with solutions to help resolve problems such as these.

By providing expert advice on hygiene and welfare we can help you uphold a high standard of hygiene on your farm, ensuring you meet Food Standards Agency requirements.

Dairy cow breeding and genetic advice

Of late there has been a fast rise in genomic advantage in dairy herds, principally due to the increased importation of semen, meaning that better breeding can significantly improve the profitability and productivity of your enterprise.  Given the ever changing and often tight margins, good breeding decisions can make all the difference to your bottom line.

For more information on dairy performance management contact a member of our team.