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Environmental stewardship

Environmental stewardship delivers backing to farmers and land owners enabling them to deliver effective management of their land.

Environmental management plays an increasingly vital part in the future of the agricultural sector and joining an environmental stewardship scheme is a great way of maximising the return on your land.

Whether you’re a lowland dairy farmer or an upland hill farmer there are a range of environmental schemes available which could add value and further income streams to your business.

We have experience of assisting all types and sizes of enterprises in selecting the right land options for them.  Our consultants can help you by completing environmental stewardship applications and monitoring ongoing progress, so you don’t have to.  We can assist with all applications including:

  • Entry Level Stewardship (ELS)
  • Uplands Entry Level Stewardship (UELS)
  • Higher Level Stewardship (HLS)
  • Organic Entry Level Stewardship (OELS)

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