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Given current rising energy costs it is worthwhile considering how efficient your business is and make enquiries into the possibility of your farm producing its own supply of renewable energy.

There are many benefits to switching to renewable energy, one being the cost saving that it offers you and your business while reducing your impact on the environment by being cleaner.  There is also the opportunity to use it to generate additional income.  Another huge benefit that none of us should overlook is the fact that it will never run out while other energy sources will one day be exhausted.

The costs of putting a renewable energy system in place need to be fully assessed against the potential performance of the technology to plan and understand the future costs and returns of your business.  However, with a projected increase of between 8% and 10% on fossil fuel prices per year moving forward, savings are likely to grow with each year that passes.

There are a number of different technologies that would benefit rural businesses, each with their own unique benefits and associated costs.  However, help is available and now is the time to be taking advantage of the assistance that is on offer.

Our government, teamed with the Global Climate Change Agenda UK, have been increasing their support for businesses to invest in new technologies, as with most government schemes, politics, economics and uptake, appetite dictates the timescale of support offered.  It is typically the early adopters of technologies who embrace and capitalise the support schemes to their full potential.

We have strong partner relationships across the renewable sector and as such are able to identify the most suitable option for your business.

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