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Beating Dyslexia

When Kath Smart rang me up and said she wanted to do a feature about me for the Carlisle Living Magazine, I thought, what could anyone find interesting about me. But we got chatting and when I started telling her about my days at school, she was really keen that people should know about the problems I had with Dyslexia.

Of course, at the time no one recognised I suffered from this learning disability and because the teachers at that time didn’t pick up on it, my days at school were the worst time of my life.

I hated school. I thought I was just stupid and I couldn’t understand why I found it really hard to read yet I excelled in other subjects like Maths. I used to dread English classes where we had to read out loud.

I still wouldn’t have realised that Dyslexia was the root of the problem until my son and one of my daughters were having similar problems a year ago.

What do I think of Dyslexia now? Well it certainly made me stronger and more determined to succeed. It is fascinating to discover more about the condition for instance it is well known that Dyslexics tend to be highly creative people who can look at things from lots of different angles. They tend to be creative, inspirational and passionate.

I have had lots of good feedback, which is a credit to Kath. Many, people, having read the article in the Carlisle Living Magazine have told me about famous films stars and business entrepreneurs that are Dyslexic like Albert Einstein, Richard Branson and Tom Cruise.

To be likened to amazing people like this is great. I just wish I had the looks of Tom Cruise also!

David Allen

Posted: April 6th, 2009

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