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Budget 2014

With reports in the press about the economy recovering and house prices rising, George Osborne opened his Budget stating that if you were a maker, doer or saver, this budget was for you.

The Budget is about hard working people keeping more of what they earn and save with the focus on creating economic security for all families by creating jobs across the country.

Whilst he recognised that the economy is recovering faster than forecast, he is also encouraging that we export more.  Support will be given to investors and exporters to get our manufacturing moving again in all regions.

The Chancellor advised that we are still borrowing too much and must continue to reduce spending.  There are long term economic plans to create security and they are not going to risk the recovery with any drastic actions.

There will also be a new £1 coin introduced in 2017 to reduce counterfeits.

We will be updating our website throughout the afternoon, so keep checking to see how this Budget will affect individuals, families and businesses.

Posted: March 12th, 2014

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