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Caldew School Careers Fair

Yesterday afternoon Sheryl and I attended a Careers Fair at Caldew School. It was arranged by the school as part of a full day of work ready events for the year 11 pupils, to enable them to gain an insight into the different careers available to them.

In the morning the pupils were kept busy with various workshops and attended individual mock interviews.

There was around 25 employers at the Careers Fair with stands, including Nestle, the Armed Forces and a handful of universities. The pupils came in to the sports hall in groups and were given around half an hour to browse the stands and ask questions to the employers.

After a bit of a slow start the pupils seemed to take a shining to our stand and at one point we had a queue of about 8 pupils wanting to sit down and talk to us.

We were able to spend some time with each pupil explaining to them what accountancy is, different routes to get into it and the training options available to them in order to become a qualified accountant. Most of the pupils who visited our stand were interested in Maths and were keen to take up a career in accountancy whether it be directly from school, via sixth form or after university.

Hopefully we were able to help some of the pupils with their impending career choices. We would like to wish all of them the very best in whatever career path they choose.

Hannah Jackson

Posted: November 29th, 2012

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