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Caldew School’s Year 11 Work Ready Day

At David Allen we believe in giving back to the community, helping not just current business owners, but the next generation of entrepreneurs too.  We were delighted to be invited to take part in Caldew School’s Year 11 Work Ready Day on Tuesday 17 January 2017.

I had the pleasure of visiting the school to play the role of interviewer in some short mock interviews for the year 11 students as part of their Work Ready Programme.  The day was put on to enable students who are set to complete their GCSEs in the summer, gain an insight into what local employers look for in an employee.

After a warm welcome from Mr Greenwood, the students arrived one by one for their interviews.  Pupils had filled out application forms for their dream jobs, detailing their achievements, predicted grades, hobbies and interests as well as a little bit about why they would suitable for the role they were applying for.  The students handed their application forms to us as they arrived for their interviews and although some were a little nervous, the interviews were a great success.

It was obvious that there had been a lot of preparation and thought gone into both their forms and prepared answers to the interview questions.  Their dream jobs varied from Veterinary Surgeons to a role within the Performing Arts, (and of course some students dreamed of being Accountants!).  It was great to see how ambitious the students were and evident that they had all done research into what it takes for them to achieve those dreams.

As interviewers we had been given some ideas for questions to ask the students in their interviews including asking what their strengths and weaknesses are and what would make them the best person for the job?  The answers given by the pupils were fantastic, we all jotted down notes so we could give some constructive feedback and advice based on their answers.

It was great to be invited to such a worthwhile event and the students we interviewed were a testament to their school.  We would like to wish all of the students luck with their future studies and subsequent search for employment and look forward to working with Caldew School again soon.

Hannah Cundall

Posted: January 17th, 2017

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