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Campaign to clean up our community

Volunteers have been asked to join a campaign to clean up our community in Copeland.  The Copeland Action Group was recently launched by Lee Butterworth who lives in Whitehaven and is the owner of Xtreme Fitness at Lillyhall, Workington.  In just over a week following the launch on Facebook the campaign has achieved over 4,000 members and has already tidied up areas in and around Whitehaven.

Local businesses have become involved donating equipment and time and I went along with my children Oliver and Elizabeth on Friday (13 June 2014) to help with a litter-pick up in Arlecdon’s playing field which is used by local children and Arlecdon School for sporting events.

The afternoon was very well organised.  Following a safety talk the children were provided with litter-picking sticks and high visibility jackets.  They were all so excited and approached their task with such enthusiasm, racing and competing for who could collect the most.  It was a great way for parents and children to get involved and make a real difference.

For more information on the clean up our community project search for Copeland Action Group on Facebook.

Jane Clingan

Posted: June 16th, 2014

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