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Carlisle United Business Club

On Saturday 29 November I attended the Carlisle United Business Club meeting.

The motivational speaker on the day was David Hyner who gave an interesting talk on ‘The MASSIVE Goals Principle’.  The talk was very informative and challenged the way that we interact with each other in and out of a business scenario.  David explained that everybody makes assumptions about others, and by doing this, it could affect the way that we effectively did business. 

He then went on to explain that the high achievers in life were no different to any of us in the room.  He said that ‘high achievers’ make the effort to find out as much as possible about the goals they want to achieve and work out how they can best achieve their desired outcome.

After David’s talk we were treated to a lovely meal and enjoyed watching the Carlisle United vs Newport County game.  Sadly the result of the game was another loss for Carlisle but they battled bravely to the very end and scored in the 96th minute.

I look forward to the next Carlisle United Business Club meeting (and hopefully a Carlisle win!)

Richard Bell

Posted: December 1st, 2014

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