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Cartmel Sticky Toffee Trail 18km Challenge

On Saturday 16 March 2013, I took part in the Cartmel Sticky Toffee Trail 18km Challenge.

The event started and finished at Cartmel Racecourse and was a mixture of on and off-road surfaces through the Lake District.  

The website described the course as ‘beauty and beast’ which turned out to be very true!  The views of Morecambe Bay and the surrounding peaks were definitely ‘beauty’ but the volume of mud was definitely ‘beast’!

Morning rain and the 10km event covering part of the course made conditions treacherous before the 18km challenge event had even started.  It turned out that covering the 18km distance was not the main challenge of the event, the main challenge was to remain vertical throughout which was something I did not manage!  

The conditions did not dampen spirits and actually added to the fun of the event, try running through knee-high mud without a childlike grin on your face!

It was a brilliant atmosphere throughout the day with loads of encouragement from spectators and fellow competitors and all finishers were given a Cartmel sticky toffee pudding after crossing the line.


Posted: March 18th, 2013

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