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Changes to HMRC payment methods

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H M Revenue & Customs (HMRC) are making some changes to the way customers can make payments.

From 15 December 2017 customers will no longer be able to make a payment to HMRC using the Post Office, this service will be withdrawn.

In addition to this change, with effect from 13 January 2018, HMRC will no longer accept any payment made by personal credit card.  Debit cards and corporate credit cards will continue to be accepted.

Alternative methods of payment accepted by HMRC in addition to the above include:

  • direct debit
  • online or telephone banking

All of these methods of payment are deemed more secure and HMRC say they will save you the time and expense of going to a post office or bank. has further information about making payments to HMRC, or alternatively speak to a member of our tax team.

Posted: December 14th, 2017

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