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Collaborative Family Law in Cumbria launch

Last night, Thursday 28 November 2013, Lucy Metcalf and I attended the launch of Collaborative Family Law in Cumbria at Tithe Barn, Carlisle.

The North Cumbria Collaborative Family Law Group are a group of family lawyers who work together advising on separation, divorce, children and finance. They act as an alternative to the court battles many associate with a divorce offering alternative way to reach an agreement without court involvement.

We enjoyed drinks and canapés while chatting to Viv Clough from Bendles Solicitors, a member of the new team, and other members and family consultants from the group.

There was a presentation demonstrating how the collaborative process works and the success it can have in keeping relationships civil, especially when there are children involved.  This included a role play by a few members of the team, which kept us all entertained while being very informative on how effective the process can be and the difference to the usual divorce proceedings.

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Louise Thomson

Posted: November 29th, 2013

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