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Court action should be the last resort

If a customer has not paid an invoice it is important to establish why.  Often the reason they have not paid is due to a dispute.  It could be they are not happy with the amount invoiced, or that they are dissatisfied with the product or service provided, whatever the reason establishing the cause for non-payment is vital and will help you to recover your money.

Knowing whether there is a problem and what this is, means you can address it quickly and efficiently, narrowing down or resolving the issues.

If the dispute persists and you believe it can be resolved without the need for Court action, mediation can be considered as an alternative.  Mediation can be a flexible, speedy and cost effective way to resolve disputes and is best used as early as possible, before Court action; however it can still be used once Court proceedings have been initiated.

If you proceed with mediation both parties will have an opportunity to meet together with a mediator and discuss all the issues they each have, with a view to agreeing and achieving a settlement.  Even if a settlement is not reached during the mediation meeting, it can often encourage an offer shortly afterwards.

Going to Court should be a last resort.  By knowing your options and seeking professional advice you can save precious time and money.  At David Allen Recovery Solutions we provide a confidential process that enables both parties to explain and discuss their needs and concerns so that an agreement can be reached.  Give our team a call today to discuss how we can help you.

Posted: July 16th, 2014

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