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Creative Leadership Masterclass with Kevin Roberts

David with Kevin Roberts

On Friday 22 November 2013 David and I attended the Creative Leadership Masterclass at the Gilpin Lake House near Windermere with Saatchi & Saatchi world CEO Kevin Roberts.

Kevin has been the CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi, one of the world’s leading creative organisations, since 1997.  He is renowned for his inspirational and innovative leadership style and while based in New York he has a home in Grasmere and is passionate about the Cumbrian economy and the local business people. 

The format for the day was a small group work-shop of 20 people, which made for a very interactive session and offered lots of opportunity to speak to Kevin one-to-one.  The theme was ‘The Age of Now’ and how businesses must be fluid and change constantly to meet the demands of customers today; planning for the future he believes is irrelevant as the future is too uncertain.  Changes, particularly in technology and how consumers view brands and brand loyalty was a key note.  Kevin also suggested that if you are looking for the one-big-idea to help you become more creative or to help you connect with your customers, there isn’t one, you have to generate lots of small ideas – perpetually.
Other delegates included Kit Graves (Lake District Hotels) and her daughter Daniella, Spencer Hannah (Herdy Company), representatives from Story Contracting and Story Homes (Alistair Grant and Steve Errington), Jorrit Jorritsma (Home of Millican), Steph Barton (Drunken Duck & Chesters), Janette Edgar (Lakeland Arts Trust), Maria Whitehead (Hawkshead Relish Company), Tracey Errington (Market Sense), Andy Beeforth (Cumbria Community Foundation) and Richard Eccles (CN Magazines).

We were all looked after very well by Zoe and Barney of Gilpin Hotel and Lake House and we would like to extend our thanks to them for their hospitality.

Following the event Kevin has kindly offered to attend a follow-up workshop on Friday 13 December for those of wanting more detailed feedback on our own specific business needs.

Jane Clingan

Posted: November 25th, 2013

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