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Credit Control – Improve your calling techniques

David Allen

In these modern times businesses tend to chase accounts by sending emails, texts or letters, however the good old telephone really is the best way to make contact with someone.

How you speak and the tone of your voice are very important.  You need to be organised and prepared to deal with difficult questions and situations.  You must have confidence, assertiveness, persistence, and actually listen to your customer, while at the same time retaining a firm but fair approach to collection.  You are able to alter your tone by judging your customer’s mood or the type of person they are.

A lot of people can find themselves out of their comfort zone when calling customers for payment.  Here are some useful tips to help you become more comfortable and more successful:

•    Be prepared with paperwork and plan what you are going to say.
•    Be prompt by calling when you say you will call.
•    Know your facts.
•    Talk to the correct person.
•    Be friendly.
•    Stay focused on the call, do not get distracted.
•    Be firm but fair and polite.
•    Always keep your promises and build credibility.
•    Acknowledge any problems, investigate them and update the customer.
•    Keep notes of your conversations.
•    Keep your sales and customer services informed about any clients that are behind with payments.

By following these tips you will collect more money and have better results from the collection calls you make.  By making sure your communications with your customer are effective from the start, you will not need to make continuous calls to the same person.

If your communications are still proving unsuccessful we are here to help and will contact your customers on your behalf, contact us on 01228 713070 to find out more.

Posted: October 28th, 2014

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