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This weekend saw Cumbria Tractor Pulling Club hold their first event at Kirkbride Airfield.

My work got underway early on Thursday morning as we started setting up for the weekend.  After a lot of work and organisation everything was set up by Saturday afternoon and the event got underway.  We were very happy to see that there was a decent attendance with it being our first event and hopefully the attendance will grow year after year.

The first class of the day was a little bit of a disappointment for our team with our smaller tractor only gaining a 4th place but the final class of the day saw our other tractor take to the track and after an unbelievable run it stormed to victory with the last pull of the night.  This was the perfect finish to the day and everyone headed in to the White Heather for some food and well deserved drinks.

We always knew that the weather didn’t look very promising for Sunday and after a downpour in the morning we decided that it was too dangerous to pull and we had to call the event off.  Although we had to call the event off everyone was very pleased with how the weekend turned out and it was a great success. 

The hard work now begins for organising next year’s event and hopefully we can build on this weekend and hold more successful events in the future!

Dan Foster

Posted: October 2nd, 2012

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