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Cumbria YFC Carrs Billington Challenge

Last night, myself and three other Raughton Head YFC members (Emma, George and Adam) headed to H & H Auction Mart, Carlisle for the annual event where a team from each club in the County would go head to head in 22 varied games.
Each game lasts for 4 minutes, and then you have 1 minute to get to your next game.  The games were spread out in the show hall, rings and foyer.

The games were either energetic, being flexible, painful or brain work which kept everyone up beat.

The games, to name a few:

Touchy Feely – 20 socks lined up and you have to guess what was in them Electric Limbo – no ordinary limbo as you can imagine.  With it being young farmers, there has always to be something different.  The limbo stick was connected to a tractor battery!
Nip and Tuck – how many clothes pegs you could get on one of your team members face
Bite Me – a line of boxes of 4 different heights from the floor, you have to pick them up using your teeth and feet only to be touching the ground
And so many more!!

It was great to see so many people from around the county joining in on the fun!

The results:
Longtown YFC – 3rd
Crook YFC – 2nd
Kent Estuary – 1st

Well done to everyone who took part, a huge thank you to Gary Mason and Claire Todd who organised the event, Carrs Billington for sponsoring, the stewards and scorers, H & H Auction Mart for letting us hold it there again and to everyone who made it great night!!

Now I will recover my aching muscles, bruised knees and fried brain, ready for next year!

Emma Thomlinson

Posted: November 15th, 2012

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