Cycle to Work Safely
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Cycle to Work Safely

When our firm decided to get involved in the governments cycle to work initiative, I was really keen to join in.

The cycle to work scheme is a brilliant programme where employees make big savings on new bikes and employers hopefully get a fitter healthier workforce. Or that is the general idea.

David Allen & Co have been promoting the scheme to all the staff and having got my new bike recently, I have been cycling to work every morning. The other day, I was halfway to work and was turning a bend in the road, when the bike skidded out of control and I landed in a heap having hit the side of my head on the kerb. Of course I was wearing a proper helmet but I still caught the side of my eye.
Luckily a lady out walking her dog, came to my rescue and having had the all clear at hospital, I went back to work.

I am back on my bike and still keeping fit but was left with a big black eye!
Leanne Donald

Posted: November 24th, 2008

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