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Data cabinet clean-up services

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Does this look like something you’ve seen at work?

before 1

What about this?

Wire mess 2

And hopefully nothing in your office looks quite THIS bad…


If your office is overrun with tangles of colourful cords, or your server cabinet is congested, inaccessible and filled with loose wires, you may have more trouble on your hands than you realise.

Not only does that mess of tangled wires cause an eyesore in the office space, it can be dangerous, and even detrimental to your business operations.

Hazards from tangled wires

Untidy power cables can present a physical hazard to occupants within an office space.

Messy server cabinets and jumbled power strips under desks are more likely to have power cables which are loosely plugged in, frayed or damaged. This results in a higher chance of electrical short and creates a potential fire hazard. Plus, dust can build up amongst messy, exposed cords, reducing ventilation and causing equipment to heat up, increasing the fire risk.

Disorganised electrical cords are commonly overloaded into power strips or reliant on extension cords, which can lead to a tripped breaker, blown circuit or even fire.

Loose wires also present a tripping hazard. This puts employees and clients at risk of injury, and could result in damaged equipment if the cord that is tripped on pulls a computer or another machine off of a desk.

These tripping hazards and cluttered wires can cause stress for employees, impacting on productivity and creating an uncomfortable office environment.

Business Continuity

With an untidy server cabinet, it can be very difficult to identify and correct IT problems.

If you rely on an internal server which has become disorganised, and something goes wrong with the connectivity, your organisation could suffer prolonged downtime while you attempt to sort through the mess of wires and dust for the entire morning.

While this is occurring, your business’ critical services are down. This results in unanswered emails, no access to the internet, and essentially, unhappy customers and unproductive staff.

Server Cabinet Clean Up Service

David Allen IT Solutions provides a server cabinet clean-up service, ensuring consistent connectivity for your business and making your office space safer.

When completing a data cabinet clean-up, David Allen engineers carefully note each and every connection to ensure all systems are networked correctly and effectively. Frayed or damaged cords will be replaced, and groups of relevant wires are zip-tied together for a more organised appearance and easy identification.

Our IT engineers will schedule a time that is convenient for your organisation, like evenings or over the weekend, to avoid any potential interruptions if equipment needs to be unplugged.

Here are some recent examples of data cabinet clean-ups performed by David Allen IT engineers:


before cabinet


after POW cropped


before 2



With an organised, tidy server cabinet, companies can maintain constant connectivity to critical business systems, employees are safe, and any IT issues can be dealt with quickly and easily.

Get in touch with the David Allen IT solutions team so we can get your data cabinet back in order!




Posted: August 19th, 2016

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