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David Allen IT Solutions News and the Mission to Seafarers

We have installed innovative new technology at the Port of Workington, enabling seafarers from across the world to access the internet when docked in the West coast port.

The state-of-the-art wireless technology was installed as part of a collaborative partnership between our IT Experts, the charity The Mission to Seafarers and the Port of Workington.  We were delighted to take on the challenge of creating a wireless internet network across the Port.  This was no mean feat as not only was the area to be covered vast, but security was also paramount.  Careful consideration was needed regarding locations of equipment and cabling so that it didn’t impede on the day-to-day operations of the Port and was fully weatherproof.

Neil Kendall, one of our IT Consultants, conducted an in-depth site survey to minimise hardware requirements and maximise wireless coverage in the berthing areas.  He did this using numerous techniques including Geo/GPS tagging, scaled surveillance, Google Maps and spectrum analysers allowing him to identify locations, signal strength and quality of service.  

The project began in late December 2014 with the installation of an antenna at the harbour office.  This antenna is able to broadcast a signal out to wireless receivers covering the whole port.  

Early January 2015 allowed work to continue with the commissioning of the equipment and full testing of all cabling.  With data security paramount and a constant focus, the team worked to ensure that all wireless components, whilst configured to provide maximum connections to the network, were not creating any security vulnerabilities.  

With everything secure and in place, the systematic testing of each Wireless access point was carried out as they were brought online.  The coverage of the wireless access points were overlaid across the original survey and the coverage exceeded all expectations.

The technology used means that high numbers of wireless devices can be connected while being managed and controlled from a central console within the Port’s control.  The installation not only benefits visiting seafarers but it also opens up future options for the Port.

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Posted: March 25th, 2015

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