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David Allen IT Solutions News XP End of Support Seminar

On 4 April 2014, David Allen IT Solutions News hosted a free seminar for clients both current and new to raise the profile of Microsoft Windows XP ceasing support in April.Image

I welcomed everyone to the event, then David Allen IT Solutions News Directors, David Arnold and Neil Kendall presented to the audience.

The seminar concentrated on explaining the background of why Microsoft is ceasing support and what users of the software can expect if they continue to use it.

There were many varied questions raised and it was a great opportunity to hear from clients about how they felt the cessation of support would affect them.  An interesting theme from the guests was “why has no one from their existing IT support providers told them about this sooner”.  Several attendees left the seminar with a to-do list starting with checking their office’s current computer equipment with the knowledge that the David Allen IT Solutions News team are there to support them and mitigate any potential technological risks their businesses face.

It was also great to have guest speaker Tony Wilson from Indelible Data joining us (pictured during his presentation).  Tony spoke about the importance of everyone in the business supply chain ensuring they have moved away from Windows XP and the impact it could have on the business if data became corrupted.Image

The seminar was held at Lake College Workington and it was good to have some of the students present who also spoke about the effect viruses can have on a user.

If you would like to hear about Windows XP end of life and how it may impact you or your business, please call our IT team on 01228 711888 or 01900 878000.

Jane Clingan

Posted: April 4th, 2014