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David Allen vs. Aspatria Rugby Club Cricket Challenge

A slightly overcast and chilly Friday night was the setting for the cricket rematch of David Allen vs. Aspatria Rugby Club. Despite the weather both sides seemed up for it. The 2010 winning team from David Allen included a few novices this year such as Kevin Batty our Agricultural Consultant – nonetheless we were definitely up for the challenge.

The David Allen team were the first to the crease, with Kevin Batty and Mark James opening the score… they set us off well – the rest of us following with a mixture of runs; the top scores being 24 from Danny Roper and 20 from Michael Peile. With a few more runs under our belt and my contribution of a duck, we were left with an all out final score of 96.

Then it was our turn to bowl.

We opened the bowling with some very accurate pitching which meant that Aspatria didn’t get off to the best of starts. They soon got into the swing of things and with a contribution from ‘Reidy’, they started to tally up the runs. Once he had retired after scoring 25, the David Allen fielders had a lucky streak, with wickets falling left, right and centre. Once Reidy returned to the crease for his second stint, we were unsure which way this came was going to go. When the final wicket fell, it was shouted over that they had scored 95, which was a win for us by 1 run. It was a much closer contest than the previous year, but fun was had by all and a tasty barbeque was provided by Barney Clegg. The night ended well… bring on next year!

Leanne Donald

Posted: June 13th, 2011

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