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Disposing of your old equipment

Getting rid of an old computer is not as simple as just putting it in the bin – you need to ensure that it is disposed of properly and all of the information once stored on the machine is securely removed.

David Allen IT Solutions News work alongside Cumbria Recycling to dispose of electronic equipment safely and securely.  The safety of our client’s information is paramount to us so ensuring that this information is securely destroyed is something all business owners should bear in mind.

We ensure that all equipment is cleared of all data using Government accredited data wiping software, following this Cumbria Recycling, who are licensed by the Environment Agency, will arrange to collect your electrical equipment free of charge.  From here the equipment can either be reused by someone else (doing its bit for the environment) or if this is not viable, it will be destroyed using specialist shredding equipment.  As proof of corporate responsibility, certificates can be provided for your benefit to demonstrate the re-use or destruction of your equipment.  

Our IT Solutions News team will liaise with Cumbria Recycling to ensure that you receive the solution best suited to your business and organise and arrange for any of your old or unwanted equipment to be recycled or securely destroyed.  For more information on the disposal of computers or if you have any unused or unwanted equipment contact our IT experts on 01228 71188 or email – we will do the hard work for you.

Posted: May 7th, 2015