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Don’t leave your business open to ShellShock

A security breach has been discovered meaning that your website or network may not be secure.

The “ShellShock” exploit allows hackers to remotely execute commands on your Linux or OSX operating systems.  The Linux system is typically used in websites and networks; this means that it is particularly important to contact your host if your website is hosted by a third party as they may need to run the patch to protect you.  It is not only websites and networks affected by the security breach, it is also affecting Apple Mac devices such as iMacs and MacBooks.

The exploit allows remote execution of commands through the command prompt, the Bash shell of the device; this means that the hackers are able to run commands on your machine without access to your username and password.  The hack is incredibly easy to exploit.

The advice we are offering initially is to check your operating system website for methods of testing and patch/update immediately.  We would also recommend following our Twitter feed @DavidAllenIT which posts links to articles and support on these types of exploits. 

If you are concerned about your Apple device click here to visit the Apple website for instructions on how to check and secure it.  The article contains information on how to run commands to test if you are vulnerable to the exploit and information for patching and fixing any issues. 

As ever we would always recommend being aware of cold-callers telling you they can fix the problem, only trust reputable IT Support partners.

We will keep you updated with any further information surrounding “ShellShock” as it happens.  If you are concerned about your IT Security contact our specialists today on 01228 711888.

Posted: September 26th, 2014

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