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Embrace technology and improve profits

If you’re getting tired of fighting with technology, consider how embracing better systems could improve your day-to-day operations.

New technologies can often be accompanied by a mixture of amazement, confusion, and fear. When you consider that something like video chat was science fiction until the 1980s – and then look at how often we use it in today’s global communications and business workings – it can be overwhelming to consider how quickly the world has adopted new technologies.

As IT experts, we tend to be ‘early adopters’ of new technology: we welcome it with open arms, test it out, and try to integrate it into our lives to make things a bit easier.

However, many people find using technology frustrating and somewhat scary. That is why we still encounter businesses, daily, who have yet to adopt some of the basic IT solutions which are driving business today.

A false economy

A fear of change is not the only barrier to new technology. Many people don’t realise that things can truly become easier with a simple upgrade and instead remain stagnant, instead of investing in a new system or device.

Unfortunately, remaining stagnant and fighting downtime caused by outdated systems will hold back your business. It will make your staff’s work more difficult, less effective and more frustrating than it needs to be. Outdated IT systems could even embarrass you in front of clients, or prevent sales. You may be losing profit by choosing not to embrace IT change.

Putting IT into perspective

If you’re not sure what we’re referring to, just think about your current work day and how information technologies work for your business (or, perhaps, don’t work?) Do you find yourself constantly searching for a Wi-Fi connection? Waiting for the internet to reconnect? Trying to recover lost files?

These are the basic issues that an IT solutions consultant can remedy, for an affordable and highly worthwhile cost. Other more serious issues, can also be solved.


If you offer an E-commerce website and don’t have proper back-ups in place, you might be missing out on sales when the server crashes. Or, consider what would happen if you were to lose all your important data: customer contact details, company paperwork, spreadsheets, documents, images or HR info. How would you get any work done or continue to grow your business?

Today’s businesses rely on consistent, and fast, access to systems and the internet at all times. So how can you provide this for your employees who work across massive job sites, remotely, or in areas with a poor connection?

We are experts at installing wireless systems that improve on-site wireless access, provide easier movement across a large site and deliver faster, more seamless internet access. For example, we have worked for many large businesses within Cumbria, like Kendal Nutricare, installing access points around their factory, as well as other large sites like luxury hotels and motor dealerships.

We can also upgrade your business to our local, cloud-based storage option – meaning that all your documents will be stored digitally, and will be accessible anytime, anywhere, by your staff – and no one else. Our local cloud service provides a secure storage solution and ensures that your systems and data are protected 24/7/365.

Contact us for a free, supportive and encouraging chat about how an upgrade to your business’ IT systems can make your business more effective, more secure, and more profitable.

Posted: November 9th, 2016

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