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Protecting your business

While businesses get insurance for what are seen as ‘essential’ things such as public liability, loss or damage to business premises or company vehicles, what often gets overlooked is the loss of arguably their most valuable asset – their people.

After all, it is your people who ensure your business runs smoothly and without them (or you) your business would inevitably suffer and would function less efficiently.

Are you insured against the most damaging events?

Running a business always involves an element of uncertainty.  Premises can be rebuilt and contents and material assets can be replaced, but the recovery of a person is not nearly as certain.  This all makes it especially important to have the relevant protection policies in place to help ensure that your business can survive the loss of an individual, including you.

  • Does my business rely heavily on one or more key individuals and could it survive without them?
  • What would happen if a director/partner became critically ill, or worse, died?
  • How would my clients, customers or even my competitors react to such news?
  • How much money would I need to keep the business going and where would that money come from?
  • Do I have a written agreement in place clearly documenting what would happen in the event of any of the above situations?

Ensuring a business is financially protected against such an eventuality can be complex but it’s something that the team at David Allen Financial Services are well equipped to help with.

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