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Savings and investments

At David Allen Financial Services we understand that each investor we work with is different and our approach to investment planning is tailored to ensure that your money works harder for you.  We advise on all types of savings and investment products for individuals, trusts and businesses.

Are you making the most of your money?  Ask yourself the following:

  • What have I done to secure my future and make the best provision for my family?
  • How should I proceed now I have inherited some money, won the lottery or sold a business?
  • How is my existing Individual Savings Account (ISA) or other investments performing and when did I last review them?
  • What risks am I exposed to and am I comfortable with those risks?

These are just some of the questions you should be asking yourself, whether you are investing with a specific goal in mind, or simply want to ensure that you are making the most of your available capital and looking for a better return.

Apart from helping you to achieve potentially higher returns, our Independent Financial Advisers will help you to structure your investments to effectively manage your risk, reduce or defer Income Tax or Capital Gains Tax and provide easy access should you need to access your funds quickly.

Some of the benefits of investment planning are that it:

  • generates real income growth
  • provides a regular income
  • strengthens your investment portfolio
  • manages your risk
  • minimises your tax liability
  • reduces stress

Our Independent Financial Advisers will help you determine the right type of investment, taking time to explore and understand your views relating to potential risk, flexibility and requirements for growth.  We offer you access to Fund Managers from the entire market who will regularly report on the performance of your investments, responding quickly should you wish to revise your investment strategy.

You may be an experienced investor with an established portfolio or a new investor looking at your options for the first time.  Whatever your situation, our advisers at David Allen Financial Services are here to help.

We will help you achieve your financial goals by providing you with a personal service that is unrivalled.  Put simply our team will make your money work harder.

Take control of your financial future and contact a member of our team today.