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First Aid at Work

Mark James and I attended a First Aid at Work course from 2 to 4 November.

System Group have only recently began offering the First Aid at Work course’s, with our group being the first ‘Guinea Pigs’, so not only were we being assessed but so was our trainer.

There were 12 trainees in total and we were met on the Monday morning and introduced to our trainer, Jason Pedley. The course was broken down into different sections both written and manual, with a lot of information to take in over the 3 days.

The first day everyone was a bit shy with the practical work we came to do but over the remaining 2 days we all got to know each other better and relaxed. There were definitely plenty of opportunities to laugh with each other, including when learning the recovery position with another team member. Mark playing the unconscious casualty seemed to go very rigid.

The content of the course I found really interesting and with Jason not wishing anyone to fail, we went over the main points everyday with a variety of different activities including good ways of remembering the procedures (A.V.P.U and D.R.S.A.B.C). Our trainer was ex-army which meant he had already dealt with a lot more than basic first aid. He had a very practical approach to the course and because he made it interesting, I think we all learnt more.

By day 2 we had completed all the course content and when on to various different scenarios that we may come across, when in the assessment or in the work place. This gave us all the opportunity to have some fake injuries and be involved in being the casualties and First Aiders in the scenarios. We also had special effects make-up which made it all abit more realistic.

Day 3 was mainly for recapping what we had learnt and what we needed more help with doing together with the assessments which we would need to do. Our assessment was made up of a practical paper and 2 ‘hands on’ assessments which were the CPR & Recovery Position and also a scenario in a workshop which we had to treat.

Overall having done a First Aid course previously with St John’s Ambulance, I found this course very enjoyable and I think everyone on the course would say they learnt a lot, and would recommend this to anyone.

Mark and I are now First Aid trained but we really hope we don’t have to put anything we learnt into practice at our office!!!
Michelle Aiston

Posted: November 5th, 2009

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