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GDPR questions answered by your local experts

GDPR questions answered by your local experts

On the morning of both Wednesday 25 and Thursday 26 April we were delighted to host a General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) seminar at our Dalston office in partnership with our fellow experts at Cartmell Shepherd and Jelf.  Together we wanted to give attendees the opportunity to ask all of their GDPR related questions and this followed informative presentations from Joanne Stronach of Cartmell Shepherd, myself and Mike Hall of Jelf Insurance.

Upon arrival delegates were offered refreshments and an opportunity to chat with others in attendance, I commenced proceedings by welcoming all of our visitors, who represented businesses from across Cumbria and South West Scotland.

GDPR questions answered by your local experts 2

Once everyone had been formally introduced, I handed over to Joanne who led an informative session covering the legalities, procedures and policies required for GDPR, including practical examples of documents which could be taken away and used.

GDPR questions answered by your local experts 1

It was then my turn to present.  I spoke about the various areas where data is held in organisations, areas which the attendees may not have thought about, such as data held on mobile phones, and that which is held in cloud solutions such as drop box or Office 365.  I went on to discuss the physical security of devices such as servers and workstations, password policies and ensuring only staff that require access to certain data get this vital access.  I summarised with information about security solutions that were available and areas such as email encryption which could be implemented.  You can find a little snippet of my presentation below:

Mike followed and gave an informative talk about the insurable risks within GDPR, this included claims against you for losses as a result of a data breach, and what you should do should you discover a data breach.

GDPR questions answered by your local experts 3

It was then time for the question and answer session, and we were asked numerous questions from our delegates on all the areas that we had spoken about.   We hope everyone found the sessions informative and helpful and we look forward to running other events together in the future.

Gary Martin

Posted: April 26th, 2018

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