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Great Yorkshire Show

Earlier in the week I attended the Great Yorkshire Show.  

Sunday 7 July saw myself, Dad and brother load the cattle and pack the caravan to attend the Great Yorkshire Show which kicked off on Tuesday 9 July.

After a 6am start on Tuesday morning to get the cattle ready for show day, the temperatures began to soar.  The show was busy soon after the gates opened on Tuesday and as the sun shone the crowds gathered.  A complete contrast to the 2012 Yorkshire Show which was a total washout, the organisers hoped the heat wave would attract record crowds a year after the event was cancelled due to heavy rain.

On Wednesday the sun disappeared for a while making the conditions for showing a lot more comfortable for both man and beast.  

We were pleased to receive a 3rd and two 4th prize rosettes with our animals at this year’s show.

Sarah Priestley

Posted: July 12th, 2013

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