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Happy New Year from #teamDA

Make money, save money and achieve peace of mind in 2018 1

Here we share some of our tips for a prosperous 2018

In business, change is inevitable.  The business landscape is constantly evolving and how effectively you manage change can determine the success of your business.

Take a step back and reflect

Being a leader is all about asking the right questions.  Use the holiday period as an opportunity to reflect on your activities over the last 12 months.  What were your most significant accomplishments and how will you build on these going forward?

Lead and inspire your team

Your business strategy should always include an element of focus on your people.  Good owners / managers focus on getting the most out of their people.  Your team’s objectives should align with the overall objectives of your business.  If you focus on each team member’s objectives, lead and inspire them to achieve those objectives and encourage them in the right direction, the overall objectives of the business should end up being achieved by default.

Learn from mistakes

Have you encountered any setbacks or disappointments in the last year? Consider what you have learned from your experiences to improve your prospects for 2018.

Mistakes are an opportunity to learn – when a mistake is made, use it as an opportunity to work with that person to understand what went wrong and why.  You and your team can then put steps in place to prevent the same mistake happening again.  You may even find a better way of doing things as a result.  Mistakes can often drive new innovations in a business.

Embrace innovation

Talking of new innovations, 2018 will no doubt see the evolution of more technology.   It has been 10 years since the launch of the original iPhone.  To celebrate this milestone, Apple has launched the new iPhone X with a host of new features that business owners will no doubt rush to buy, as many see the iPhone as their go-to business phone.  Whether it’s a new iPhone or a full review of the IT infrastructure within your business, ensuring the technology in your business is fit for purpose and encouraging growth and productivity is key.

Social media phenomenon

Most businesses have some sort of marketing strategy in place and with social media marketing having cemented itself in the modern day society it makes sense to consider how your business will embrace the different platforms available to link and engage with employees, customer and suppliers.

Managing multiple accounts across various platforms can be complicated but it doesn’t have to be.  Hootsuite is a social media management tool that allows users to manage, schedule and post updates to any page or profile on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, WordPress and other platforms from a central dashboard.  If you haven’t already embraced Hootsuite then what better time than the start of a new year to do so.

Build your network

Attending networking events has its place to establish new business relationships, but it is important to remember that networking isn’t just about attending an event with a stack of business cards and speaking with random people.  People want to do business with people they like and trust, and people they know through friends and shared connections.

If you want to build a really powerful network for yourself in 2018, look for situations that will allow you to make friends, not just ‘contacts’.  Small settings work well.  Friends of friends and e-mail introductions go a long way.  Keep the focus on making meaningful connections, instead of giving business cards to random people.  Focus on the relationships first and wait for the business opportunities to arise over time.

Set objectives

Your final task of the year is to set yourself some specific goals for 2018, both professional and personal, these are specific to you, not your business.  You need to make the time to develop your skills in order to stay up to date.  Make sure you keep your goals visible and refer to them regularly to keep on track, otherwise you could be left behind in today’s ever-evolving business world.

We wish you a prosperous 2018.

Posted: December 31st, 2017

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