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Hog Roast 2014

On Saturday 19 July David and Alison opened up their home to all David Allen staff and their families for the annual hog roast.  

After all the sunshine we had been enjoying in the weeks running up to the hog roast, we were all disappointed to see the grey clouds and rain when Saturday morning arrived.  Staff and their families arrived in great spirits and weren’t going to let a few drops of rain dampen the day!  With the pig roasting away, marquees erected, bouncy castle and inflatable games blown up, we all began to descend on the Allen household.     

We managed to enjoy sitting outside in the dry for a couple of hours until the heavens opened (unluckily just as the pig was ready to be served).  A huge thank you to Nick Lawler and his team from Whole Hog Hospitality Ltd – it was delicious despite the rain!  To accompany the pig we enjoyed a variety of beautiful salads and desserts contributed by members of the team – thank you to everyone who brought something along with them.  

The rain subsided again as we all finished eating, allowing the kids (and some adults) to play on the great inflatable games provided.  Mrs Allen managed to round everyone up for the David Allen award ceremony with certificates and prizes being awarded to staff members for a variety of feats including: the GEM award for going the extra mile, the pig pen award for having the messiest desk, the wink award for being the biggest office flirt and the where’s wally award for being the hardest person to keep track of!  Congratulations to all of our winners – I wonder if you can guess which staff member won each award?!

Our competitive sides were unleashed with the David Allen “Space Hopper Grand National” taking place throughout the afternoon as we bounced around our inflatable racecourse, negotiating jumps and puddles!  The office was then split into two teams for a friendly rounders match which started with a bang as the rounders bat snapped with the first batsman!  Resourceful as ever, the team managed to make do with a bat with no handle!  I was given the role of umpire which wasn’t an easy task as there was a hint of friendly cheating from some players – in the end both teams had a great time with players and spectators laughing at everyone’s antics together!     

Everyone had a fantastic day and we are already looking forward to next year’s hog roast!

A huge thank you to David and Alison for opening up their home to us and putting on such a great day for us all!

Vicky Johnston

Posted: July 21st, 2014

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