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How do I get my work emails on my smart phone?

Posted: March 11th, 2015

Most people now use smart phones such as Android, iPhone or Windows Phones which are all able to connect to corporate and personal email accounts.  

The most common options for syncing your email accounts are:

  • Post Office Protocol (POP) which allows you to send and receive emails but has very poor synchronisation with other devices.
  • Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) which allows you to send and receive emails with good synchronisation with other devices.
  • ActiveSync which allows you to send and receive emails with excellent synchronisation.  Additionally it synchronises calendars, contacts and tasks.

The best option for syncing work emails is ActiveSync, a mobile data synchronisation app.  If ActiveSync is setup correctly and your business is running email services such as Microsoft Exchange Server or Microsoft Office 365 Exchange Online, it is a simple process to sync your emails.  Any member of staff at the company should be able to go to their phone’s settings, choose to add a new email account, select Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync as the type of account, enter their email address and password for logging into the work network and select the information they would like to sync.

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