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How to improve your slow internet connection

Internet speed is determined by a number of factors.  One of these factors is the type of internet connection you are using, such as fibre, for example.  Different connections have a maximum speed at which they operate and these vary between them. 

One factor that will affect your internet speed is that of your business premises’ internet connection and if it is shared between a number of computers.  If one of the computers on the network is downloading a lot of information from the internet then it is possible that the other computers will receive slower internet performance as a result.   

If you want to find out the speed of your internet, visit – this will give you an indication of your internet speed at the time you test it.  To get a more accurate result you can try testing the speed at different times of the day in order give you a better indication of the speed you are receiving overall.

At David Allen IT Solutions News we have a number of ways in which we can improve internet speed.  We will check your existing connection speed and compare it to what you should be able to receive in order to ensure that there are no underlying networking problems.  We can also put a monitor on to your network to make sure that a PC is not downloading information from the internet through any kind of spyware or malware which can consume all the internet bandwidth for the business. 

We will advise you on the best internet connectivity for your business and we can install and configure that service for you. 

Our team work more than just 9-to-5 so can ensure that any work we do it done outside of your normal working hours so that we do not disrupt any of your day-to-day business activities.

For more information on how David Allen IT Solutions News can help improve the speed of your internet contact one of our IT Experts on 01228 711888 or email

Posted: April 16th, 2015

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