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IT services for Cumbria’s hospitality industry

IT services for Cumbria’s hospitality industry 1

Service is a key differentiator for the hospitality sector, and IT plays a crucial role in meeting, and exceeding, customer expectations.

This is especially true in the Lake District and Cumbria, where tourism is a major economic driver… and also where connectivity can be difficult.

If you run a hotel, events venue, tourist destination or restaurant in Cumbria, there are certain aspects of your business where effective IT systems can make a huge impact on customer satisfaction.

Learn about the challenges, and potential opportunities, that IT can present for local hospitality businesses:

Tourists expect WiFi (and they need bandwidth!)


Mobile phone users often experience poor signal in the Lake District, so a lack of mobile data means that they want access to your business WiFi as soon as they enter the building. But simply having WiFi available is not enough.

Many factors need to be considered in order to offer a satisfactory internet experience for guests:

  • Ease of access. Is it simple for all users to access the internet, and do they need a code to get on? Is that readily available to them, and is it easy to sign in?
  • Cost of access. Do your guests or customers need to pay for access to the internet? Most guests will expect it to be free. In Barclay’s 2017 Destination UK survey, 82 per cent of overseas visitors coming to the UK placed high importance on access to free high-speed internet.
  • Bandwidth. Today’s guests expect that they’ll be able to stream media content, post to social media and conduct conference calls while at your venue. Plus, many people now travel with multiple devices. Are your internet systems equipped to provide acceptable internet speeds for modern-day demands? Implementing tiered bandwidth access levels is still a common solution for many hotels. This is often set up with free use for basic services such as surfing the web and using email, and further paid options for guests who want to stream or use video conferencing software.
  • Security. The security of your network is very important, not only for your business-related information but also for ensuring bandwidth is used effectively. For example, network segmentation controls, which set network usage rules to control excessive data flows, can help prevent negative effects on corporate usage.


Modern software and hardware for the hospitality sector


It’s also vital that your systems support your business, store customer data securely and help to improve your customer service. Do your business’ devices and systems reflect a modern-day business? Could you benefit from utilising aesthetically appealing PCs, laptops or other devices in your reception areas or lobbies?

By working with a local, experienced IT provider, you can ensure the software and hardware that you’re using is adequate for the size of your business and your particular needs.


So, why choose David Allen IT Solutions for your hospitality IT project?

There are a few key ways that we have helped to transform hospitality companies’ IT systems to ensure they can offer a consistent, effective service:

  • Migrating data to new, faster servers
  • We can recommend updates to particular problems instead of updating an entire system, which can be more cost-effective in some circumstances
  • Assistance with office moves and restructures
  • Installing modern devices and systems, including PCs and laptops
  • Providing 24/7 support and monitoring to ensure systems are working effectively and securely
  • With no hidden costs, no jargon and no technical compromise, we can guarantee that you will receive the best of service from our team of experts.

Understanding the regional challenges

David Allen IT Solutions has managed numerous projects locally and regionally, and we understand the challenges, and solutions.



Hospitality IT projects without downtime

The IT team from David Allen has managed a number of complete IT infrastructure overhauls for businesses like hotels and museums in the Lake District, Cumbria and Southwest Scotland.

We know how to ensure there is little to no disruption to the main systems to ensure staff and guests can continue with daily activities while we switch over to modern systems. In the hospitality industry, it’s important that customers are supported without interruption and that they can consistently communicate with the business, even whilst systems like telephones, email and servers are changed.

Plus, we are located locally – ideal for helping keep your business hardware running. Our IT maintenance engineers are on hand 24/7 for support. Even in emergencies, our priority is to get your hospitality business back up and running to prevent revenue losses.

If you’re a hospitality business in Cumbria looking for effective, customer-centric IT, contact us for a bespoke solution to suit your goals and budget. 




Posted: March 16th, 2018

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