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To move all of GBA Ships’ IT HQ infrastructure into a secure location whilst not compromising on speed or efficiency or adding unnecessary complications.


David Allen IT Solutions moved all of GBA Ships’ IT infrastructure into their secure, local data centre.  Further to this, they installed a fibre connection directly from the data centre to the GBA Ships building so as to provide speeds equal to those they would achieve were they networking from an internal location.


A secure, robust solution to the brief that not only provides fast, secure access to the company data but also benefits GBA Ships logistically due to the local nature of the data centre.

GBA Ships

GBA Ships are a global charity with offices in Germany, the United States and United Kingdom as well as remote staff around the world.  They aim to bring knowledge, help and hope to the people of the world through their ocean-going ship Logos Hope which travels from country to country providing quality literature, training and practical help projects.

Although the organisation works globally with some 500 users on their networks daily, their IT hub is based in Carlisle.  In 2014 the charity made the decision to consolidate their offices in Carlisle from two large buildings into one.  This meant that all of their IT infrastructure and equipment, including their full VMWare server infrastructure, would need to be relocated.  The charity knew that this would be no easy task so decided to find an IT support provider to aid them with their move.  GBA Ships looked at many options from companies in Glasgow, Manchester and further afield before discovering that David Allen IT Solutions not only had their own data centre, but were also based locally.

David Allen IT Solutions put together a proposal which detailed all of the benefits of transferring GBA Ships’ IT support needs to the team, including the transferring of their IT infrastructure into IT Solutions’ local data centre.

By moving their support over to IT Solutions GBA Ships have benefitted immensely.  The fact that the data centre is located within ten miles of the GBA Ships UK office has been a significant advantage.  Maintenance has been much simpler and the IT Solutions team have been able to run a fibre cable directly from the data centre to the organisation’s premises meaning that their data is not only available at high speed but is also even more secure as it does not travel via public internet.

In choosing a support provider local to them, GBA Ships benefit from the hands-on support and proactive advice of the IT Solutions team who are available to assist them in person when required.  This meant that following completion of the data transfer, maintenance such as swapping backup media could be completed quickly and efficiently with no disruption to the day-to-day running of the charity.  From a support point of view, David Allen IT Solutions monitor the connection to the datacentre for GBA Ships on a 24/7 basis.

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