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Kendal Nutricare

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Following a successful takeover of the HJ Heinz factory in Kendal, Kendal Nutricare required complete replacement of their IT infrastructure, removing the previous connections to Heinz.


David Allen IT Solutions managed and provided a whole new infrastructure for the factory, working closely with the IT manager and allowing the company to rest assured everything was in hand. This infrastructure overhaul consisted of replacing servers, networking switches and routers, communication lines and the provision of new hardware including over 130 desktop PCs and laptops.


A secure, innovative and completely new IT infrastructure for Kendal Nutricare, which is much faster than the previous system. The timescales were restrictive, but the team ensured the project was all achieved on schedule and within the original budget quoted.

Kendal Nutricare

Kendal Nutricare are an English pharmaceutical research company who specialise in the manufacturing of healthcare products.  In 2015 the company took over the HJ Heinz factory in Kendal where infant powders and cereals had been produced for more than 25 years.  Kendal Nutricare continues to manufacture and develop enhanced brands of the HJ Heinz range along with their own branded products and other export brands, with production that requires the best quality technology in order to continually innovate the production market and maintain their high product standards.

On taking over the factory Kendal Nurticare required a complete overhaul of the existing IT infrastructure on site with a limited time available for the project to be completed.  David Allen IT Solutions met several times with the Kendal Nutricare team in order to fully understand all of the company’s expectations, requirements, budget and timeframe before beginning the management and provision of the project.  The project was restrictively time bound to prevent any downtime between Heinz leaving the factory and Kendal Nutricare commencing trading.  Kendal Nutricare required a complete and full new IT system throughout the factory which included new equipment, servers, IT systems, networking and communication – if these were not in place for the deadline then production would cease causing loss of trading and significant cost implications for the company.

Elements of the project included:

  • Project management of the whole IT replacement, including liaison with 3rd party software and hardware vendors.
  • The provision of a new VMWare ESXi 6 virtual infrastructure in our secure, local Data Centre comprising of over 15 virtual servers.
  • A full backup and redundancy solution for all virtual servers.
  • Providing Cisco expertise to reconfigure the factory’s switching infrastructure.
  • Providing a bespoke standard Windows Deployment Server image for and provisioning over 130 desktop PCs and laptops using the new image.
  • The provision and advice on Microsoft licencing for across the business.
  • Reconfiguration of over 30 on-site printers.
  • The installation and configuration of a new factory wide wireless network with guest access.
  • Ensuring all factory equipment and systems were operational with the new infrastructure.
  • Working with the telephone supplier to implement a new VOIP system and new leased lines
  • Ongoing support and maintenance for the entire factory on a 24/7 basis.

In choosing a support provider local to them, Kendal Nutricare now benefit from the hands-on support and proactive advice of the David Allen IT Solutions team who are available to assist on an ongoing basis both remotely and in person – whatever their requirements.

To learn more about how our IT experts can streamline IT infrastructure and provide proactive ongoing support, contact us today on 01228 711888.