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Tullie House Museum







As one of the top visitor attractions in Carlisle, Tullie House Museum is where you will find historic collections, contemporary art and family fun, brought together in one impressive museum and art gallery.


Historically the IT for Tullie House Museum was managed and maintained by Carlisle City Council (CCC).  The existing computers were ageing and showing signs of slower performance which was affecting how the business could best utilise the IT in their organisation.


Tullie House Museum recognised that outsourcing their IT support to a local and dedicated IT company would provide them with more flexibility and allow them to dynamically change when needs arose.  A tender process was initiated with David Allen IT Solutions successfully securing the business, after putting forward a proposal which was both comprehensive and competitive offering great value.


A complete replacement of the IT was required, and David Allen IT Solutions provided Tullie House Museum with an entire new infrastructure including managed Cisco network switches, on premise servers and a datacentre infrastructure to allow for fast remote access.  The email system was transferred and the majority of the computers on the network were replaced with updated models.

Our team at David Allen IT Solutions planned the project, which included liaising and managing the installation of a new telephone system with another local provider.   Although the plan allowed for some down time during this major transition, in actual fact there was no disruption to the main systems allowing staff to continue their daily duties which was a great achievement considering the size and scale of the implementation.

The technical challenges that were encompassed in the project included:

  • Office 365 tenant to tenant migration
  • implementation of a new internal domain
  • implementation of new Windows Server 2016 servers
  • implementation of a new SQL server for Sage 200
  • migration of the Tullie House Museum Till system to a cloud hosted Till system
  • implementation of a new Cisco Switch infrastructure
  • migration of all data from old servers to new servers
  • relocation of the server room
  • replacement of the majority of computers
  • dealing with all our various application vendors and transferring these to the new system
  • managing the installation of a new telephone system
  • dealing with all Microsoft licencing

What Tullie House Museum say?

Support from the David Allen IT Solutions team since the installation has been superb.  Our staff are once again ‘on-board’ with IT.  Any calls made to their help desk are answered straight away, with no call queuing and any queries raised by staff are answered professionally and efficiently.  Moving to David Allen IT Solutions was definitely the right decision for Tullie House Museum and we would recommend any organisations looking to get more out of their IT to do the same.

Alex Farthing

Deputy Director, Tullie House Museum

In choosing a local support provider, Tullie House Museum now benefit from hands-on support and proactive advice from the David Allen IT Solutions team who are available to assist on an ongoing basis both remotely and in person – whatever their requirements.

To learn more about how our IT experts can streamline IT infrastructure and provide proactive ongoing support, contact us today on 01228 711888.