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Our data centre

Most businesses have a server to control their printers, emails or to store company files.  Having all your company’s information and valuable data services stored on one server could mean downtime to the business should this server ever fail.

A data centre provides a secure location for all this information with provision in place to automatically switch to new hardware in the unlikely event there is ever an issue.  This provides businesses with a much more efficient and secure IT solution to their data storage needs.

We are proud to have our own data centre based locally to our offices, in Carlisle.  So whether you are a large corporate company with hundreds of computers and servers spread over multiple locations, or a small business with only a handful of computers, using our local data centre will ensure your IT is safe and secure all of the time.

For some businesses a server within their premises is the correct option for them.  However, if you have multiple sites or many staff working remotely, transferring your server’s infrastructure, either partially or fully, to our data centre makes sense both commercially and technologically.

We find out what our clients really need and offer bespoke packages that are flexible and can rapidly adapt to individual business needs.  If your business has an internal server and you find yourself adding new users to your systems, you would need to upgrade your hardware.  Or, if you found yourself with fewer users, you would have unused server space.  By using our data centre, factors like this are something you never need to worry about.

More and more businesses are now running from multiple offices or locations.  By using our data centre you can work from anywhere, at any time, with the confidence that your data is always accessible and secure.

Our data centre boasts 24-hour monitoring, superfast internet connections through multiple fast fibre circuits, power supplies backed up by batteries (and further backed up by generators), blast proof walls and the highest grade servers and storage.

If you want the confidence that your business’ servers are protected and looked after by experts, contact the IT Solutions team on 01228 711888 or click here.


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