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The right hardware is integral to the smooth operation of a business’ IT infrastructure.

At David Allen IT Solutions we have developed partnerships with market leading suppliers to ensure you have access to exceptional quality equipment at the most competitive prices.


No matter what the size of your business is, we will recommend and install the best servers for your organisation to enable it to run business critical applications and services.  All our servers are developed and customised to support your business today as well as encourage its growth for years to come.

PCs and laptops

A cheap, low specification, slow PC or laptop can significantly reduce staff productivity as a result of crashes, frozen documents and generally sluggish performance.  Over the longer term it will rarely give value for money.

We can recommend and provide PCs and laptops that are customised to suit individual requirements, whether they’re used for simple word processing or more complex programmes such as computer aided design (CAD) software.  We can also provide any associated hardware including monitors, keyboards, mouse devices and docking stations so your staff can work comfortably and efficiently.  Even better – we will set it all up for you too!


We can advise on the best printers for your organisation.  Choosing the right printer your business is important as choosing the wrong one can leave you with high costs for consumables and slow or unreliable printing.  We can advise you on the best way forward for your business from what printer is best suited to your needs to finding you the best, most cost effective leasing package available.  Our expert team can find you the right printing solution for your business.

Hardware as a Service (HaaS) – leasing options

For some businesses spending a lot of capital on replacing IT equipment is not an option.  However, running a business on out-of-date hardware, dated operating systems and old software can be hugely inefficient.  Slow computers and incompatibility with newer systems can be extremely frustrating for staff, and a lot of time can be wasted trying to resolve problems with old, sluggish equipment.

With Hardware as a Service (HaaS) you can ensure you are up-to-date with the latest technology and provide your business with all the new equipment it requires right away.  Our expert team will provide, configure and install any equipment you require onto your network and without any huge outlay in cost.  We keep things manageable for you by leasing you the best equipment at a monthly or quarterly fee.  Once the lease period ends, you simply decide if you want to stick with the equipment you have got, or upgrade once again!  HaaS is a great option for businesses that want to remain efficient and evolve with the development of the latest technology.

Network solutions

Quality servers and PCs are nothing without a solid, stable network bringing everything together.  From routers to firewalls, switches and wireless access points, we can map out your network requirements and find the right products and solutions to provide fast, reliable connectivity with capacity to expand as your business grows.

Cabling – CAT5e, CAT6 and fibre

We provide advice and guidance on the best cabling solutions for your business and work with local cabling contractors to provide competitive quotations for all of your IT network cabling needs.

Disposal – don’t trash your tech!

Being specialists in hardware doesn’t just mean sourcing and selling your new equipment, it also means that you need to do something with all the old bits and bobs you no longer need.  We take the disposal of old equipment very seriously and can help ensure that your old hardware is correctly disposed of and that data is securely destroyed.  Find out more about our Don’t Trash Your Tech scheme here.

It is important to dispose of your technology safely, not only for environmental reasons but also for security reasons, as not disposing of your tech securely could lead to people gaining access to your personal and/or business data.

We will advise you on what data needs to be erased and will arrange to have your equipment collected and fully wiped so no data remains.  If your equipment can’t be recycled and reused, we will ensure it is disposed of safely.

Don’t leave your old equipment open to security risks – contact us today on 01228 711888 or click here to arrange to dispose of your old equipment securely.

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