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Networked CCTV systems and surveillance

The physical security of an office is vastly important to businesses and will be a constant worry for business owners.  At David Allen IT Solutions we can provide you with quality CCTV systems and surveillance based on networked indoor and outdoor IP cameras, and digital recording equipment to ensure your office is constantly surveyed and provide that extra peace of mind.

Network Video Recorders (NVR)

An NVR is a network attached storage device that connects from a single to multiple IP cameras simultaneously and enables footage that is streamed from the connected IP camera(s) to be stored/recorded in digital format on an internal hard disk drive.  An NVR can be managed from within the network from a PC or Laptop, or over the Internet, enabling the users to view, manipulate and manage the video from any IP connected device, including desktops, tablets and mobile devices.


We can provide indoor and outdoor cameras, with features such as night vision, wide angle lenses, motion-based detection, and full Power over Ethernet (PoE) meaning they do not require to be near a mains supply.

Data Cabling

We can provide the full solution for you, including data cabling to each camera back to your networking equipment.  We can also supply and install PoE switches to power the cameras.

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